Date: 20th September 2019
Theme: Homelessness and Housing Exclusion
Location: Helsingborg Campus of the University of Lund, Helsingborg, Sweden

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FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness, Lund University and the City of Helsingborg held the 14th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness in Helsingborg, Sweden.

 Europe’s leading research conference on homelessness explored recent evidence on the broad theme of ‘homelessness and housing exclusion’ from across Europe and elsewhere.  The conference invited presentations on policies and practices in relation to homelessness and housing exclusion across Europe. Early career researchers are also invited to present their research activities.


Programme overview 

Seminar Abstracts & Speaker Bios 

Presentations available below by clicking on each paper.



Chair: Volker Busch-Geertsema, DE

Cameron Parsell, AU: The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society

Marcus Knutagård, SE: On Homelessness - Credit and Blame


Seminar Session 1

Seminar 1: Mobilizing Knowledge to Support Integrated Systems Approaches to the Prevention of Homelessness and Housing Exclusion (1)

Chair: Nóra Teller, HU

Melanie Redman and Steve Gaetz, CA: Designing the Adaptation and Implementation of the Welsh Model of Duty to Assist in Canada, and the Role of Evidence

Peter Mackie, UK: A Duty to Assist: Exploring the Global Mobilities of Homelessness Prevention Policy 


Seminar 2:  Housing First

Chair: Volker Busch-Geertsema, DE

Silvia Maria Schor et al, ES/BRA: Homelessness and Housing Exclusion. Housing provision for homeless people in São Paulo city and the Communal Housing First Model

Isabel Baptista, Marcus Knutagard and Nicholas Pleace, PT/SE/UK: Housing First in Europe: An Overview of Implementation, Strategy and Fidelity


Seminar 3:  Housing First (2)

Chair: Freek Spinnewijn, BE

Leo Bothén, Håkan Källmén, Ulla Beijer, Mats Blid, SE: The Effect of Housing First Program in Stockholm Regarding Recovery

Joan Uribe and colleagues, ES: Difficulties and Limits in the Implementation of a Housing First Program in a Context Whith a Lack of Public (social) Housing and its Effects 


Seminar 4: Housing Rights and Right to the City

Chair: Eoin O’Sullivan, IE

Nicolás Palacios, SE: Public Space and the Banning of homelessness in Copenhagen: Struggle and revindications of alternative spatial practices

Tamara Walsh, AU: Homelessness, Evictions and Human Rights Law


Seminar 5: Methodology and Research Ethics

Chair: Joe Doherty, UK

Clíodhna Bairéad, IE: Rough Sleeping in the Dublin Region – Building on Previous Evidence to Improve the Methodology for Enumerating Rough Sleeping and Better Support Both the Individual and Policy Development

Marcus Knutagård, Arne Kristiansen, Carina Nilsson & Ann-Kristin Sörensen, SE: Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Action Research on Homelessness Services

Seminar 6: Measuring Homelessness (1)

Chair: Lars Benjaminsen, DK

Patrick Hunter, Ian Cooper, CA: Understanding Chronic Homelessness in Canada

Marion Giovanangeli and colleagues, FR: The New French Street Counts: Figures, Lessons, and Perspectives



Seminar Session 2

Seminar 7: Measuring Homelessness (2)

Chair: Volker Busch-Geertsema, DE

Olga Nešporová, Petr Holpuch, CZ: The First General Count of Homeless People in the Czech Republic in 2019

Susanne Gerull, DE: The Life Situation of Homeless Persons - 1st Systematic Examination in Germany


Seminar 8: Migration and Homelessness (1)

Chair: Eoin O’Sullivan, IE

Jana Turk and Duin Ghazi, FI: Tackling Structural Factors of Migrant Housing Exclusion in Finland: Lessons Learnt from Katto-project

Annika Lindberg, Lisa Marie Borrelli, Martin Joormann, SE: Sleeping Rough in Sweden: An intersectional Analysis of Homelessness among Groups with Different Citizenship and Residency Statuses in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö


Seminar 9: Homeless Policies (1)

Chair: Isabel Baptista, PT

Kathy Reilly, IE: People, Policy and Place: Examining Homelessness beyond the Capital in Ireland

Nienke Boesveldt, Chahida Bouhamou, NL: Client Perspectives on Dutch De-institutionalization

Pedro José Cabrera, Santiago Bachiller, ES: Challenges for Public Policies Tackling Homelessness in Latin America: a Comparative Analysis


Seminar 10: Homeless Policies (2)

Chair: Nicholas Pleace, UK

Ingrid Sahlin, SE: Moving Targets

Isobel Anderson, UK: Delivering the Right to Housing? Why Scotland Still Needs an ‘Ending Homelessness Action Plan’


Seminar 11: Theories of Home and Space

Chair: Nóra Teller, HU

Laura Helene Hojring, DK: From Homelessness to Homeliness

Roberta Bova, IT: Homelessness: the Importance of Network and the Expectations in the Future

Johannes Lenhard, FR: The Economy of Hot Air Vents – Homeless People’s Struggle for Surface-space at Paris’ Gare du Nord


Seminar 12: Women and homelessness (1)

Chair: Mike Allen, IE

Tove Samselius, SE: Family homelessness and conditional welfare in Sweden: The experience of female lone parents in greater Stockholm

Paula Mayock and Sarah Sheridan, IE: Women Negotiating Power and Control as the ‘Journey’ through Homelessness


Seminar Session 3

Seminar 13: Women and Homelessness (2)

Chair: Isabel Baptista, PT

Renée de Vet and Judith Wolf, NL: Does the Level of Social Quality Differ between Homeless Women and Men before and after Shelter Exit?

Magdalena Mostowska, Katarzyna Debska, PL: Regulating Women’s Behaviour in Crisis Accommodation in Poland


Seminar 14: Youth Homelessness

Chair: Nóra Teller, HU

Naomi Nichols, Jayne Malenfant, CA: A Social Research & Development Approach to Preventing Youth Homelessness and Fighting Intersecting Forms of Institutional Exclusion

Naomi Thulien, Stephen Hwang, and Andrea Wang, CA: Beyond a Home: Facilitating Socioeconomic Inclusion for Young People Transitioning Out of Homelessness


Seminar 15: Service Needs (1)

Chair: Lars Benjaminsen, DK

Saija Turunen, Maria Ohisalo, FI: Welfare of the Residents in Scattered Site Housing

Malte Moll Wingender, DK: Consequences of Longer Stays in Shelters – a Full Population Study

Vanesa Cenjor del Rey, ES: Homelessness and Good Care: a Possible Relation


Seminar 16: Homelessness in Nordic Countries

Chair: Eoin O’Sullivan, IE

Ilja Sabaj-Kjær and Jens Hauch, DK: Nordic Homeless Monitor

Sten Ake Stenberg, SE: Risk Factors for Housing Evictions: Evidence from Panel Data


Seminar 17: Mobilizing Knowledge to Support Integrated Systems Approaches to the Prevention of Homelessness and Housing Exclusion (2)

Chair: Albert Sales, ES (TBC)

Patrick Fowler and Daniel Farrell, USA: Designing Innovative Homelessness Prevention Systems for Youth

Francesca Albanese, UK: Prevention or Cure? A Year on from the Homelessness Reduction Act in England


Seminar 18: Migration and Homelessness (2)

Chair: Mike Allen, IE

Emilie Segol, FR: Profile and Future of Migrants in Paris Emergency Camps

Karolina Mróz, PL: Romanian Romani Residents of Wroclaw Programme



Poster presentations

Amanda Shields, UK: “Nothing about us, without us!”: Promoting Engagement and Inclusion with People who are Homeless in aCurrent Research Study in Northern Ireland

Sarah Bradbeer, UK: Criminalisation of Homelessness

Catalina Ramírez Vega, ES: Feeling like home in the public space: homeless people’s experiences in the streets of San José, Costa Rica (co-author: Dr. Tomeu Vidal Miranda)

Christina Carmichael, UK: The Paradoxes of ‘Independence’: Exploring Service User and Practitioner Perspectives on Pathways out of Homelessness

Coline van Everdingen, NL: The Profile and Mental Health of the Dutch Homeless Service Users: the Results of Cross-sectional Research

Hannah Browne Gott, UK: Pathways through Health and Homelessness Services: Intersectional Analysis Using Administrative Data

Hannah Obert, DE: Images of Relationship among Homeless Women and their Consequences

Håvard Aaslund, NO: Collective Participation to Encounter Homelessness – Resources and Identity

Kelly-Marie Roberts, MT: Findings of Arts-Based Participatory Research with Homeless People in Malta

Laura Rapo, FI: Housing first paradigm in frontline social work. Analysis of social work documentation for homeless young adults

Lea Lengyel, HU: Homeless mothers. Motherhood for homeless women and their relationship with their children

Nadia Ayed, UK: Homelessness and Social Capital

Patricia Puente Guerrero, ES: Criminal victimisation experiences among homeless people as a function of the place where they spend the night. Analysis from Hindelang, Gottfredson and Garofalo’s Lifestyle/Exposure Model of Personal Victimisation

Tove Samselius, SE: Family homelessness and conditional welfare in Sweden: The experience of female lone parents in greater Stockholm

Wendy Ann Webb, UK: Life’s hard and then you die: PhD exploring end of life priorities for people experiencing homelessness within the United Kingdom