Date: 20th September 2019
Theme: Homelessness and Housing Exclusion
Location: Helsingborg Campus of the University of Lund, Helsingborg, Sweden



FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness, Lund University and the City of Helsingborg are pleased to announce the 14th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness in Helsingborg, Sweden.

This is Europe’s leading research conference on homelessness and will explore recent evidence on the broad theme of ‘homelessness and housing exclusion’ from across Europe and elsewhere. Early career researchers are also invited to present their research activities.


Keynote speakers

Cameron Parsell is an Australian Research Council Principal Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. In his recently published book, The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society, Cameron argues that the assumed difference of the homeless person drives the form and function of an elaborate, well resourced, and often well-meaning service system that perpetuates their exclusion from housing, on the one hand, and dependence on the service system, on the other. Through engaging with the service system, the distinct and deficient homeless person is reified.

Marcus Knutagård is a researcher and senior lecturer at the School of Social Work, Lund University. His research interests include housing policy, homelessness and places of exclusion – or more specifically the moral geography of homelessness. He is currently working on a research project called Scanian homes: Reception, settlement or rejection – homelessness policies and strategies for refugee settlement. Knutagård's research interests also encompass social innovation from a welfare perspective, with a particular focus on service user influence in practice research.


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