Latest contributions

Volume 18, 2024

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 18, Issue 1


Nicolas Pleace, Enhancing European Social and Healthcare Services for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Discussion Paper

Marie-Therese Haj Ahmad and Volker Busch-Geertsema, Homeless Migrants and EU Mobile Citizens in Europe

Johan Lindwall, Housing First or Last Resort? Managing the Dilemmatic Positions of People Experiencing Homelessness who Use Illicit Drugs in Social Service’s Team Meetings

Vanessa Picker, Vanessa Hirneis and Michael Sanders, A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Staying Put Intervention for Reducing Homelessness Among Care Leavers

Tom George, Jim Rogers and Lauren Smith, Perceptions of Participants and Stakeholders of a ‘Sleepout’ Event Held to Raise Money for, and Awareness of, Homelessness Charity Work

John Sylvestre and Nick Kerman, The Evolution of Housing First: Perspectives of Experts from the United States, Canada, and Europe

Elisabetta Leni, Finnish Homelessness Deinstitutionalization Policy: Housing First and Frontline Perspectives 

Koen Hermans, Toward a Harmonised Homelessness Data Collection and Monitoring Strategy at the EU-level

Research Notes

Michael Sanders and Dimitris Vallis, Intra-Cluster Correlation Estimates for the Statistical Design of Trials in Household Homelessness

Think Piece

Kate Moss and Gemma Moss, Homelessness Amongst Students in UK Higher Education: Time for a New Research Agenda?

Review Essays

Magdalena Mostowska, In search of good data. But do we understand homeless mortality better? A review of two Irish reports on the deaths of people experiencing homelessness

Book Reviews

Stephanie Southworth and Sara Brallier, Homelessness in the 21 st Century: Living the Impossible American Dream

Cameron Parsell, Homelessness: A Critical Introduction