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Volume 3, 2009

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Governance and Homelessness

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Lars Benjaminsen, Evelyn Dyb & Eoin O’Sullivan: The Governance of Homelessness in Liberal and Social Democratic Welfare Regimes: Strategies, Structural Conditions and Models of Intervention

Isabel Baptista: The Drafting of the Portuguese Homeless Strategy: An Insight into the Process from a Governance-Oriented Perspective

Marie Loison Leruste & Deborah Quilgars: Increasing Access to Housing – Implementing the Right to Housing in England and France

Masa Filipovic-Hrast, Eszter Somogyi & Nóra Teller: The Role of NGOs in the Governance of Homelessness in Hungary and Slovenia

Lars Benjaminsen & Volker Busch-Geertsema: Labour Market Reforms and Homelssness in Denmark and Germany. Dilemmas and Consequences

Jordi Bosch Meda: How Urban Planning Instruments Can Contribute in the Fight Against Homelessness. An International Overview of Inclusionary Housing Policy


Hannele Tainio & Peter Fredriksson: The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: From a ‘Staircase’ Model to a ‘Housing First’ Approach to Tackling Long-Term Homelessness

Julia Wygna?ska: The Development of a National Homeless Strategy in Poland: Achievements and Challenges

Pascal De Decker: Social Rental Agencies: Still a Splendid Idea?

Ailsa Cameron: Governance and Joined-Up Services: The Case of Housing Support Services in England

Think Pieces

John Flint: Governing Marginalised Populations: The Role of Coercion, Support and Agency

Laura Huey: Homelessness and the ‘Exclusive Society’ Thesis: Why It Is Important to ‘Think Local’ to ‘Act Local’ on Homelessness Issues

Jørgen Anker: Speaking for the Homeless – Opportunities, Strengths and Dilemmas of User Organisation

Mike Allen: The Political Organisation of People who are Homeless: Reflections of a Sympathetic Sceptic

Freek Spinnewijn: How to Use the Open Method of Coordination to Deliver Policy Progress at European Level: The Example of Homelessness

Hugh Frazer: Response to ‘How to Use the Open Method of Coordination to Deliver Policy Progress at European Level: The Example of Homelessness’

Research Reviews

Pedro Cabrera, María José Rubio & Jaume Blasco: ¿Quién duerme en la calle? Una investigación social y ciudadana sobre las personas sin techo [Who sleeps rough? A social and civic research study on the homeless]

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Wohnungslosenhilfe (BAWO): Wohnungslosigkeit und Wohnungslosenhilfe in Österreich – eine aktuelle österreich-weite Erhebung [Homelessness and Services for the Homeless in Austria – an up-to-date Austrian-wide investigation]

Paula Mayock, Mary Louise Corr & Eoin O'Sullivan: Young People’s Homeless Pathways (2008)

Deborah Quilgars, Sarah Johnsen & Nicholas Pleace: Youth Homelessness in the UK: A Decade of Progress? (2008)

Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Mark Stephens: The Future of Social Housing (2008)