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Volume 7, 2013

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Nicholas Pleace & Joanne Bretherton: The Case for Housing First in the European Union: A Critical Evaluation of Concerns about Effectiveness

Liz Gosme: The Europeanisation of Homelessness Policy: Myth or Reality?

Boróka Fehér & Anna Balogi: From the Forest to Housing: Challenges Faced by Former Rough Sleepers in the Private Rental Market in Hungary

Policy Reviews

Isabel Baptista: The First Portuguese Homelessness Strategy: Progress and Obstacles

Lars Benjaminsen: Policy Review Up-date: Results from the Housing First-based Danish Homelessness Strategy*

Rita Bence & Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi: The Growing Criminalization of Homelessness in Hungary – A Brief Overview

Aidan Culhane & Niamh Randall: Reflections on the Leuven Roundtable on Homelessness: the End of the Beginning?

John van Leerdam: Analysing Costs and Benefits of Homelessness Policies in the Netherlands: Lessons for Europe

Michel Planije & Mathijs Tuynman: Homelessness Policy in the Netherlands: Nationwide Access to Shelter under Pressure from Local Connection Criteria?

Olga Theodorikakou, Alexandra Alamanou & Kyriakos Katsadoros: “Neo-homelessness” and the Greek Crisis

Peter O’Neill: Meeting the Housing Needs of Vulnerable Homeless People in Northern Ireland

Think Pieces

Kate Amore: Focusing on Conceptual Validity: A Response

Michele Lancione: How is Homelessness?

Simon Güntner & Jamie Harding: Active Inclusion – an Effective Strategy to Tackle Youth Homelessness?

Profiling Homelessness - Serbia and Croatia

Mina Petrovi? & Milena Timotijevi?: Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Serbia

Morena Šoštari?: Homelessness in the Republic of Croatia: A Review of the Social Welfare System for Homeless People

Responses to “Preparing Homeless People for Independent Living…”

Ingrid Sahlin: Preparing or Postponing?

Ronni Michelle Greenwood & Ana Stefancic: Some Additional Thoughts on Housing and Services for Adults with Histories of Homelessness

Jeremy Swain: A Comment

Volker Busch-Geertsema: Swimming Can Better be Learned in the Water Than Anywhere Else

Responses to “The Discourse of Consumer Choice…”

Nicholas Pleace: Consumer Choice in Housing First

Deborah K. Padgett: Choices, Consequences and Context: Housing First and its Critics

Responses to “Varieties of Punitiveness…”

Don Mitchell: On “Varieties of Punitiveness in Europe’’: A View from the United States

Stephen Gaetz: The Criminalization of Homelessness: A Canadian Perspective

Marie-Eve Sylvestre: Narratives of Punishment: Neoliberalism, Class Interests and the Politics of Social Exclusion

Evelyn Dyb: Neo-liberal versus Social Democratic Policies on Homelessness: The Nordic Case

Joe Doherty: Situating Homelessness

Jürgen von Mahs: Punitive Approaches and Welfare State Intervention: Reflections and Future Research Directions

Research in Progress

Progress Report of On-going Research: A Strengths-Based Intervention for Homeless Youths - The Effectiveness and Fidelity of Houvast

The Risk of Homelessness in a Scandinavian Welfare State

Research Project on Prevention of Homelessness in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Caring for the Homeless and the Poor in Greece: Implications for the Future of Social Protection and Social Inclusion

Book Reviews

Symposium on Jürgen von Mahs (2013): Down and Out in Los Angeles and Berlin: The Sociospatial Exclusion of Homeless People.

Filipa Lourenço Menezes (2012): Percursos Sem-Abrigo. Histórias das ruas de Paris, Lisboa e Londres.

Josef Hegedus, Martin Lux & Nora Teller (Eds.) (2013): Social Housing in Transition Countries.

Kristina E. Gibson (2011): Street Kids – Homeless Youth, Outreach and the Policing of New York’s Streets.

Ella Howard (2013): Homeless: Poverty and Place in Urban America.

Vanessa Oliver (2013): Healing Home: Health and Homelessness in the Life Stories of Young Women.

Ray Forrest and Ngai-Ming Yip (Eds.) (2013): Young People and Housing: Transitions, Trajectories and Generational Fractures.

Stadt Wien [City of Vienna] (Ed.; 2012): Evaluierung Wiener Wohnungslosenhilfe. Zusammenfassung des Endberichts [Evaluation of the Viennese Homeless Service System: Summary of Final Report].

Volker Busch-Geertsema and Ekke-Ulf Ruhstrat (2012): Mobile Mieterhilfe Bielefeld. Ein Modellprojekt zur Aufsuchenden Präventionsarbeit eines freien Trägers in enger Kooperation mit der Wohnungswirtschaft. Evaluation im Auftrag von Bethel.regional in den von Bodelschwingschen Stiftungen Bethel. [Mobile Debt Management in Bielefeld – Pilot Preventative Services with Home Visits to Tenants with Rent Arrears. by a Non-profit Provider in Close Cooperation with Housing Companies]

Jessie Hohmann (2013): The Right to Housing – Law, Concepts, Possibilities.