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Volume 5, 2011

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Kate Amore, Michael Baker & Philippa Howden-Chapman: The ETHOS Definition and Classification of Homelessness: An Analysis

Sten-Åke Stenberg, Lia van Doorn & Susanne Gerull: Locked out in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Evictions Due to Rent Arrears in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden

Carlo Carminucci: Models of Social Action and Homeless Support Services Mapping for some Major European Train Stations

Policy Review

Noémie Houard: The French Homelessness Strategy: Reforming Temporary Accommodation and Access to Housing to deliver ‘Housing First’: Continuum or Clean Break?

Dáithí Downey: Evidence into Action: How the Dublin Homeless Agency’s Data and Information Strategy have shaped Homeless Policy Development and Implementation in Ireland

Think Pieces

Nicholas Pleace: The Ambiguities, Limits and Risks of Housing First from a European Perspective

Pascal De Decker: Not for the Homeless? Housing Policy in Flanders: Between Selectivity and Legitimacy


Angel Mario Jordi Sánchez: From Capacity to Participation, from Discourse to Practice: A Spanish Perspective

Special Section on the European Consensus Conference on Homelessness

Ruth Owen: The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness: Process and Methodology

Suzanne Fitzpatrick: The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness – Reflections of a Pleasantly Surprised Sceptic

Marybeth Shinn & Andrew L. Greer: The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness – Kudos, and Some Cautions, to Europe

René Kneip: The European Consensus Conference: The View of a Participating Practitioner

Edo Paardekooper Overman: The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness: Potential of the Conference from a User’s Perspective

Benoît Linot and Marc Uhry: The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness: Comments on the Jury Propositions

Research Projects in Progress


Paul Cloke, Jon May & Sarah Johnsen (2010): Swept Up Lives? Re-envisioning the Homeless City

Sam Tsemberis (2010): Housing First: The Pathways Model to End Homelessness for People with Mental Illness and Addiction Manual

Mary Ellen Hombs (2011): Modern Homelessness