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Volume 4, 2010

Section 1

Homelessness, Poverty and Social Exclusion

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Mary Beth Shinn: Homelessness, Poverty, and Social Exclusion in the United States and Europe

Lynette Šiki?-Mi?anovi?: Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Croatia

Anthony M. Warnes, Maureen Crane & Sarah Coward: Coping on Marginal Incomes when First Rehoused: Single Homeless People in England

Katja Johannessen & Maja Flåto: Economic Strategies among Long-Term Homeless People: The Concept of Harvesting Economy

Policy Review

Finn Kenneth Hansen: The Homelessness Strategy in Denmark

Michele Calandrino: European Policies on Homelessness and Housing Exclusion

Jordi Bosch Meda: Homelessness among Migrants in Spain

Henk Fernee: The Process of Homelessness: An Event History Analysis of Lengths of Stay in Groningen Shelter Accommodation

Jonathan Bradshaw: Understanding Extreme Poverty in the European Union

Think Pieces

Guillem Fernàndez: Poverty, Homelesness and Freedom: An Approach from the Capabilities Theory

Catherine Boswell: Routes out of Poverty and Isolation for Older Homeless People: Possible Models from Poland and the UK

Thomas Specht: The Future of Assistance for Homeless People in Germany – Reorientation and Renewal

Bálint Misetics: The Significance of Exclusionary Discourse and Measures: The Example of Hungary


Silke Paasche: Improving the Democratic Quality of EU Policy Making: What Role for the Participation of People Experiencing Homelessness?

Maciej D?bski: The Existence of Communities of Homeless Persons in the Process of Vocational and Social Reintegration: Controversial Issues

Sarah Johnsen: Residential Communities for Homeless People: How ‘Inclusive’, How ‘Empowering’? A Response to ‘Routes Out of Poverty and Isolation for Older Homeless People: Possible Models from Poland and the UK’

Book Reviews

Julian Damon (2009): Policy Support for Homeless People: A European Comparison

Tova Hojdestrand (2009): Needed by Nobody: Homelessness and Humanness in Post-socialist Russia

József Hegedüs, Orsolya Eszenyi & Nóra Teller (2009): Housing Needs for Vulnerable Groups in Hungary

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Deborah Quilgars & Nicholas Pleace (Eds) (2009): Homelessness in the UK: Problems and Solutions