Latest contributions

Volume 16, 2022

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 16, Issue 1


Brendan O’Flaherty, Why It Won’t Ever Be 2019 Again: Guessing How COVID Will Change Homelessness

Stefanie Plage and Cameron Parsell, Access to Health for People Experiencing Homelessness

Joanne Neale, Stephen Parkin, Alice Bowen, Laura Hermann, Landon Kuester, Nicola Metrebian, Emmert Roberts, Deborah Robson and John Strang, Information, Communication Technology (ICT) Use Amongst People Who Were Housed in Emergency Hotel Accommodation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from a Policy Initiative

Harm Deleu, Rebecca Thys and Mieke Schrooten, The Role of Non-profit Organisations in the Support of People Experiencing Homelessness in Brussels

Hiroshi Goto, Dennis P. Culhane and Matthew D. Marr, Why Street Homelessness Has Decreased in Japan: A Comparison of Public Assistance in Japan and the US


Research Notes

Jan Váně and František Kalvas, Peace Polls as a Source of Inspiration for Homelessness Research

Briege Nugent, Caryn Nicolson and Joe Doherty, Not Just a ‘Youth Problem’: LGBT+ Experiences of Homelessness Across the Life Course in Fife, Scotland

Quinn Tyminski, Vicky Hung, and Ronald Drummond, Visual Research Methodologies for Homelessness: A Synthesis of the Literature

Nikos Kourachanis, Implementing Refugee Integration Policies in a Transit Country: The HELIOS Project in Greece

Nadia Rondino and Juan Manuel Rodilla, Longitudinal Study of the Homeless Population in Valencia


Review Symposium

Manuel Mejido Costoya (Ed.) ( 2021), Land of Stark Contrasts: Faith-Based Responses to Homelessness in the United States


Book Review

Jan Váně a František Kalvas (2021), Homelessness: Probes to Excluded Environments