European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 3

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 3 - 2021: Special Edition – What Works: Research Impact and Homelessness

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 3 - 2021: Special Edition – What Works: Research Impact and Homelessness

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Tim Aubry, Maryann Roebuck, Sandrine Loubiere, Aurélie Tinland, Geoff Nelson, and Eric Latimer, A Tale of Two Countries: A Comparison of Multi-Site Randomised Controlled Trials of Pathways Housing First Conducted in Canada and France

Juha Kaakinen and Saija Turunen, Finnish but not yet Finished – Successes and Challenges of Housing First in Finland

Kelly M. Doran and Adam Tinson, Homelessness and Public Health: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rita Ranmal, Adam Tinson and Louise Marshall, How do Health Inequalities Intersect with Housing and Homelessness?

Hal Pawson, Housing Affordability and Homelessness: Probing Australian Evidence

Danny Dorling, Houses, Not Homelessness

Guillermo Rodriguez-Guzman, Susannah Hume, Peter Mackie, Chiamaka Nwosu, Hannah Piggott and James White, Accelerating Learning – Lessons and Reflections from the First Randomised Controlled Trials in Homelessness in the UK

Jonathan Roberts, Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: Their Contribution to a ‘What Works’ System in the Homelessness Field

Gary Painter and Dennis Culhane, Social Investment in Ending Homeless

Louise Casey and Lydia Stazen, Seeing Homelessness through the Sustainable Development Goals

Stephen Aldridge and Chloe Enevoldsen, Homelessness and Street Homelessness in England: Trends, Causes and What Works

Ian Thomas and Emily Tweed, The Promises and Pitfalls of Administrative Data Linkage for Tackling Homelessness

Evelyn Dyb, Lars Benjaminsen, Marcus Knutagård, and Jarmo Lindén, Governing Through Definitions and Numbers: Analysis of the Nordic Homeless Registrations as Instruments of Governing Homelessness

Hannah Green, The Importance of First-hand Experience in Homelessness Research, Policy and Implementation

Stephen Gaetz, Melanie Redman, Andrew Connell and Jack Price, Social Innovation in Preventing Homelessness amongst Young People in Canada and Wales: International Engagement as a Key Driver

Michael Sanders, Louise Jones, and Ella Whelan, Homelessness and Children’s Social Care in England

Matt Peacock, The Role of Arts in Ending Homelessness