European Research Webinar: Leaving Prison and Homelessness

20th of February 2024, 11h to 12h CET

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the latest findings from the last Comparative Study by the European Observatory on Homelessness, examining the link between imprisonment and homelessness in the EU. Release from prison can be a critical transition period that may involve the risk of homelessness if a housing solution and adequate support are not provided prior to and following release. A prison sentence may also result in homelessness when no mechanisms are in place to maintain an existing tenancy in the meantime. The study explores the existing evidence on the relationship between homelessness and imprisonment and current policy and practice in trying to prevent homelessness on leaving prison in 13 EU Member States and draws comparisons with two further European countries. Discover insights into the effectiveness of current strategies and the need for coordinated policy implementation. This session is useful for those involved in social policy, criminal justice, and housing advocacy. 

Presented by:

  • Maša Filipovič Hrast: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Nicholas Pleace: Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK

For more information, please contact Rocío Urías at