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Date: 23rd September 2016
Theme: Homelessness and Social Work in Europe
Location: DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Speakers’ presentations:

Plenary Session
Deborah Padgett, USA: Consumer Choice Meets Street Level Bureaucracy: Social Work in the Housing First Era.
Lars Benjaminsen, DK: Homelessness in a Scandinavian Welfare State: Experiences with Mainstreaming Housing First in the Danish Welfare System.

Seminar 1: Explorative Studies of Homelessness
Klimentina Ilijevski, Katerina Mojanchevska, Aleksandra Iloska, Maria Donevska, MK: Hidden Homelessness in Macedonia: Reasons, Institutional Responses and Design of a New Social Welfare System
Mirela Paraschiv, RO: Homelessness and Social Work Services in Bucharest, Romania
Laura Aso Miranda, ES: Perception of Social Work by homeless in Barcelona

Seminar 2: Welfare Responses to Homelessness
Kesia Reeve, UK: Homeless People’s Experience of Benefit Sanctions: the Transformation of the Welfare State
Frida Petersson, SE: Local Policy Representations of Homelessness in Copenhagen, Glasgow and Gothenburg: A Preliminary Analysis

Seminar 3: "Just to Have a Small Place of My Own" - the Case of the Netherlands
Jorien van der Laan, NL: Personal Goals of Dutch Homeless People
Max Huber, NL: The Recovery Process From the Perspective of Former Homeless People
Rosine van Dam, NL: Financial Education in the Daily Support of Homeless People 

Seminar 4: Working with Homeless People: Education, Practice and Social Work
Briege Casey and Mary Farrelly, IE: Supporting Knowledge and Skill Development among Workers in Homelessness Services: A Case Study From Ireland
Anna Balogi and Boróka Fehér, HU: The Possibilities of Outreach Work in Supported Housing

Seminar 5: Critical Time Intervention Assessed
Daniel Herman, Helle Thorning, US: Critical Time Intervention: An Evidence Based Model for Preventing Homelessness in High Risk Populations
Renee de Vet, NL: Effectiveness of Critical Time Intervention for Abused Women and Homeless People Leaving Dutch Shelters

Seminar 6: How to Measure Efficiency?
Coralie Buxant, BE: Housing First Effectiveness/Efficiency: What to Measure, How and For What?
Nicholas Pleace, UK: Is Prevention better than Cure? New Evidence on Homelessness Prevention from the UK

Seminar 7: Social Work and Specific Needs
Johannes Lenhard, UK: Helping the Good Homeless Person – Between Forming Relationships and Serving Demands in the Paris Homeless Sector.
Tirza Snoijl, NL: Colour-Blind Professionalism: Navigating Structural Causes and Individual Solutions to Homelessness.

Seminar 8: Social Work in Housing First
Teresa Consoli, Carlo Pennisi, Anna Zenarolla, IT: Experimenting Housing First in Italy: Competences and Challenges for Social Work
Marcus Knutagård and Arne Kristiansen, SE: A Professional Logic: Social Workers Perspectives on their Professional Role

Seminar 9: Meaning(s) of Homeless Policy Interventions
Suvi Raitakari, FI: Housing Pathways at the Margins: Welfare Practitioners and Vulnerable Citizens Negotiating Homelessness and Housing Transitions
Carey Doberstein, Alison Smith, CA: Ambiguous Agreement? Attitudes to Homelessness Policy Interventions in Canada

Seminar 10: Implementing Social Work Methods for Housing First
Stephen Gaetz, CA: Transitioning to Housing First – Key Challenges for Service Providers
Birthe Povlsen, Karin Egholm, DK: How to Work with Housing Supports Methods in a Housing First Context

Seminar 11: Selected Social Work Projects and Methods
Daniela Vacaretu, DK: No Existence without Base
Magdalena Mostowska, PL: Gendered Access to Homeless Services in Poland

Seminar 12: Research Methods and Quantitative Datasets
Isobel Anderson, UK: Researching Homelessness in Europe: Progress in Research Methods
Nicolas Herault, AUS: The Journeys Home Survey
Cecilia von Otter, Olof Bäckman, Sten-Åke Stenberg and Carin Qvarfordt Eisenstein, SE: DEVS: A Database on the Dynamics of Evictions in Sweden. Description and some preliminary results