This year FEANTSA & The Housing First Europe Hub is hosting a 5 day study session on Housing First for Youth, in Budapest at the European Youth Centre in Hungary, with the support of the Youth Department at the Council of Europe. The training will run from the 3-7 October 2022. 

A study session is a 5 day residential training, that uses non-formal and human rights education. What does this mean? This means the training is interactive, with a focus on group sharing, participants will learn from the trainers, the expert lecturers but most importantly from the other participants.

The training is supported by the Council of Europe, which will cover the cost of travel to Budapest, and the Youth Department provides accomodation and meals at the centre. 

The aim of this training is to support the scaling up of Housing First for Youth across Europe, as a human rights based approach that puts the principles of youth work at the core of how to understand and respond to young people’s experience of homelessness.

Objectives, participants will:

  1. Develop a concrete understanding of human rights and youth work, with a view to how they can strengthen the delivery of Housing First for Youth.
  2. Possess the skills to advocate for human rights based approaches and youth work in supporting young people in Housing First to their colleagues, networks, and other relevant actors
  3. Co-produce new materials and resources to support upskilling and training of colleagues and peers within their networks to develop and implement Housing First for Youth;
  4. Develop their youth participation skills to involve young people with lived experience and reflect on how the views and voices of young people can be integrated into their own workplaces and projects
  5. Gain an understanding of the value of building effective coalitions of the actors necessary to establish programmes like Housing First for Youth as a means to reducing and preventing youth homelessness and social exclusion in their communities.

You can read the full call for applications for our study session here, and you can submit an application here

Applications must be submitted by the 30 June 2022, and participants will be notified whether they will join by mid July. 

For any queries, you can contact