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Digital Inclusion and homelessness:

Working towards an agenda for digital inclusion for the most vulnerable

FEANTSA invites practitioners, developers and ICT experts to participate in this kick-off event to share some of the best current ICT good practices on the homeless sector and to discuss future opportunities to work towards an inclusive agenda for digital inclusion for the most vulnerable.

Date: 15th October 2019

Venue: DE MARKTEN, « Middenzolder/Middle Room »

Rue du Vieux Marché au Grain, 5 1000   Brussels

14.00   Registration & coffee


14.15   Welcome and introduction

           Welcome by Luís Vilachá - Migration Policy Assistant, FEANTSA


14.30   Presentation of good practices of ICT tools: Opportunities, challenges and ethical concerns

          •  Victoria Mandefield, Director – Soliguide (France)

          •  Ferran Busquets, Director – Arrels (Spain)

          •  Valentine Reyniers, Project Leader – Surviving in Brussels (Belgium)


16.00   Coffee break


16.15   Round table: The Digital Single Market strategy and Digital inclusion for the most vulnerable. A window of opportunities after 2020?

           Chair: Mauro Striano - Policy Officer, FEANTSA

          •  David Mallows – Expert in adult education learning, Coordinator EPALE network

          •  Catherine Mills - Head of Digital and Social Inclusion, Good Things Foundation tbc

          •  Simona Guagliardo – Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (EPC)

          •  Alessia Sebillo – Senior Manager in Education, Anti-Discrimmination and SDGs. DIESIS


17.30   Conclusions


For more information, please contact luis.vilacha@feantsa.org