European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 1

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 1

European Journal of Homelessness Volume 15, Issue 1

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Angeliki Paidakaki, Social Innovation in the Times of a European Twofold Refugee-Housing Crisis. Evidence from the Homelessness Sector

Henning Lohmann, Hidden Homelessness in Germany: Gathering Evidence on Couch Surfing in Telephone Surveys

Deb Batterham, Who is At -risk of Homelessness? Enumerating and Profiling the Population to Inform Prevention

Matti Wirehag Gatekeeping, Managing Homelessness and Administrating Housing for the Poor: The Three Functions of Local Housing Services for People Experiencing Homelessness in Sweden

Claudia Engelmann, De jure temporary, de facto permanent: Shelters for People Experiencing Homelessness in Germany

Geoffrey Nelson, Tim Aubry, Pascale Estecahandy, Christian Laval, Eoin O’Sullivan, Marybeth Shinn and Sam Tsemberis, How Social Science Can Influence Homelessness Policy: Experiences from Europe, Canada, and the United States. Part I – Problem and Solutions


Research Notes

Ruth Owen and Miriam Matthiessen, COVID-19 Response and Homelessness in the EU

Country Report

Matthias Drilling, Esther Mühlethaler, Gosalya Iyadurai, Jörg Dittmann, Homelessness Research and Policy in Switzerland – A First Country Report Embedded in the UN and European Framework


Book Reviews

MaryBeth Shinn and Jill Khadduri (2020), In the Midst of Plenty: Homelessness and What to Do About It

Mike Allen, Lars Benjaminsen, Eoin O’Sullivan and Nicholas Pleace (2020), Ending Homelessness? The contrasting experiences of Denmark, Finland and Ireland

Vera Kovacs (2019), Utak az erdőben [Routes in the Forest]

Eoin O’Sullivan (2020), Reimaging Homelessness for Policy and Practice