European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 13.1 - 2019

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 13, Issue 1 - 2019


European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 13, Issue 1 - 2019 

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Marietta Haffner and Marja Elsinga: Housing Deprivation Unravelled: Application of the Capability Approach 

Mats Anderberg and Mikael Dahlberg: Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Two Swedish Cities

Joanne Bretherton and Nicholas Pleace: Is Work an Answer to Homelessness? Evaluating an Employment Programme for Homeless Adults


Think Pieces

Peter Mackie, Sarah Johnsen and Jenny Wood: Ending Street Homelessness: What Works and Why We Don’t Do It 


Research notes

Evelien Demaerschalk, Koen Hermans, Katrien Steenssens and Tine Van Regenmortel: Homelessness Merely an Urban Phenomenon? Exploring Hidden Homelessness in Rural Belgium

Stephanie E. Armes, James R. Muruthi, William H. Milroy and Jay A. Mancini: Getting Sorted Out in East London: Vulnerability and Resilience of Homeless Ex-Servicemen 

Lola Vives: The Process Selection of “Un Chez-Soi d’Abord” Program: A Qualitative Study on the Implementation of Housing First in France 

Matti Wirehag: Counting and Mapping Local Homeless Service Systems in Sweden


Book reviews

Michele Lancione: Contested Landscapes of Poverty and Homelessness in Southern Europe: Reflections from Athens

Nicholas Pleace: The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society: Identities, Agency, Choice

Joerg Dittmann: 1st Systematic Examination of the Life Situation of Homeless Persons. A Study of ASH Berlin in Cooperation with EBET e. V..

Johanna Ranta: Yömajasta omaan asuntoon. Suomalaisen asunnottomuuspolitiikan murros. [From a Shelter to My Own Home – Transformation of Finnish Homelessness Policy].