The series ‘Addressing Homelessness in Europe’ is the result of the work of the three thematic research groups of FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness that were set up to cover the
following themes:

  • The changing role of the state
  • The changing profiles of homeless people
  • The changing role of service provision

The Changing Role of the State - State Intervention in Welfare and Housing is based on six articles produced by the National Correspondents of the European Observatory on Homelessness.

It includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction: the changing role of the state in the EU
  • Restyling the welfare state: observations on Belgium
  • Germany: the changing role of the state in housing and social policy
  • The state and welfare in the Republic of Ireland
  • The changing role of the state: observations on Italy
  • Central state and homelessness policies: new ways of governing in Sweden

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