Services to homeless people (full publication)

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This edition of FEANTSA's European Observatory on Homelessness Comparative Research Series provides a detailed insight into the range of services provided to homeless people across the European Union. 

This is the first in a series of four issues on the role and functioning of the homelessness sector in Europe. The 2019 issue will focus on the quality of services, in 2020 we will look in more depth into employment conditions and other aspects of human resources management, and the last issue in 2021 will be devoted to the complex issues of financing and cost-efficiency of homeless services. We are confident that this extended research focus will help us to better understand the strengths and weakness of services for the homeless, and whether they are equipped to address challenges related to the rapidly growing homeless population in most European countries. The research will also provide better insights into the capacity of the homelessness sector to appropriate new approaches to homelessness such as Housing First.