Volume 11, 2017

List of Articles

European Journal of Homelessness - Volume 11, Number 2



Evelyn Dyb: Counting Homelessness and Politics: The Case of Norway

Veera Niemi and Elina Ahola: Pathways between Housing and Homelessness of Young Income Support Recipients in Helsinki, Finland


Think Pieces:

Cameron Parsell and Beth Watts: Charity and Justice: A Reflection on New Forms of Homelessness Provision in Australia

Ligia Teixeira: Why We Need to Change the Way We Talk about Homelessness


Strategy Reviews:

Nicholas Pleace: The Action Plan for Preventing Homelessness in Finland 2016-2019: The Culmination of an Integrated Strategy to End Homelessness?

Beth Watts and Suzanne Fitzpatrick: Ending Homelessness Together in Northern Ireland: A Unique Challenge

Koen Hermans: A Flemish Strategy to Combat Homelessness


Research Notes:

Aris Sapounakis and Ioanna Katapidi: Evictions from Primary Residences in Greece: Methodological Concerns Regarding the Collection of Data from Civil Courts’ Records for Tenancies

Katerina Glumbíková and Dana Nedelníková: Experiencing a Stay in a Shelter in the Context of a Lack of Social Housing


Book Reviews:

John Sylvestre, Geof frey Nelson and Tim Aubry (Eds.) (2017) Housing, Citizenship, and Communities for People with Serious Mental Illness. Theory, Research, Practice and Policy Perspectives. (Review by Suvi Raitakari) 

Paula Mayock and Joanne Bretherton (Eds.) (2016) Women’s Homelessness in Europe (Review by Kesia Reeve)

Kate Moss and Paramjitv Singh (2015) Women Rough Sleepers in Europe: Homelessness and Victims of Domestic Abuse (Review by Paula Mayock)

List of Articles

European Journal of Homelessness - Volume 11, Number 1




Joanne Bretherton: Reconsidering Gender in Homelessness 

Cecilia von Otter, Olof Backman, Sten-Ake Stenbery & Carin Qvarfordt Eisenstein: Dynamics of Evictions: Results from a Swedish Database

Nikos Kourachanis: Homelessness Policies in Crisis Greece: The Case of the Housing and Reintegration Program

Peter K. Mackie, Ian Thomas & Jennie Bibbings: Homelessness Prevention: Reflecting on a Year of Pioneering Welsh Legislation in Practice

Eric Macnaughton, Geoffrey Nelson, Paula Goering & Myra Piat: Moving Evidence Into Policy: The Story of the At Home/Chez Soi Initiative's Impact on Federal Homelessness Policy in Canada and its Implocations for the Spread of Housing First in Europe and Internationally 

Kristine Juul: Migration, Transit and the Informal: Homelessness West-African Migrants in Copenhagen

Frida Petersson: Local Representations of Homelessness in Copenhagen, Glasgow and Gothenburg: A Cross-City Policy Analysis



Joy MacKeith: Response to Guy Johnson and Nicholas Pleace's article 'How Do we Measure Success in Homelessness Services? Critically Assessing the Rise of the Homelessness Outcomes Star'

Guy Johnson & Nicholas Pleace: The Homelessness Outcomes Star: A Brief Response to Criticism of Our Paper

Joy MacKeith: The Homelessness Outcomes Star: Response to Johnson and Pleace's Brief Response


Book Reviews

Carole Zufferey (2017) Homelessness and Social Work: An Intersectional Approach

Thomas J. Main (2016) Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio